How to get to the Guesthouse 

Dear Guest,

If you are coming to the guesthouse from Incheon Int'l Airport or Seoul or other parts of South Korea, your journey will start from getting off at Unseo subway station, Exit 2.


There are two exits, you need to get out from Exit 2.

1. When you get out from Exit 2 completely, cross the crosswalk and walk one block and turn left and keep walking.

2. You will see a park if you keep walking and you will be able to see the banner ahead of you just on the other side of the park (if you are walking at night, the banner is illuminated with white color).

3. The entrance to the guesthouse is the opposite side from the banner. (There is Pizza hut in front of the entrance of the building.)

- One more useful tip.

 When you just reach the exit 2 of Unseo station, there is an elevator on the left side for going down, and again after you walk some distance, there is an elevator on the left side for going up. So, use them. I'm just telling you this because I often see tourists who carry their heavy luggage all the way down and all the way up without noticing the elevators.

Here is a map


How to find the entrance to the guesthouse


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How to get to the Guesthouse from Unseo subway station (Exit 2) in details.


First, you should choose Exit 2 for going out from the subway station.

Exit 2 of Unseo station

Since you might be carrying a luggage with you, it's better to use an elevator which is located on the left side right after you go out from sliding doors. 

An elevator of Unseo station

After getting off the elevator, you will have to pass through the brightly lit tunnel and turn left to get on another elevator which will take you up. 


Then you have to cross the crosswalk and turn left. You can refer to the arrows. 


After you turn left, you should walk straight (about two blocks) till you reach the big road. You will be able to see the guesthouse banner (Red arrow) from far distance. 


When you reach the big road, you should cross it and turn right and make your way through the small lovely park towards the guesthouse.

Follow the arrow

You can pass through this small pathway between the buildings and turn left and you will see our banner above the entrance. 


You are here!!!